Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I Evil? Yes I Am

Hello. This is Evil Resident Cat speaking. Yes, I even have my evil bat emblem on my lookout window. I am also growing thumbs and learning to walk upright so that I can rule the world while wearing my very frightening Evil Devil Cat Costume. Mouhahahaha.

Do not ask me what I have done with Drea. She is in banishment until she finishes her YA drumming novel. That is my ultimate punishment to her for declawing me. Do you know how embarrassing it is for me, an evil cat villian with magnificant gray fur, to not be able to climb up your leg and attack you? I do not appreciate such limitation. I am also not allowed to go outside so I must sit here in my lookout window and send signals to my villainous cat brethren of the Outside World to carry out my evil plots.

To show you how fearful you should be of me, here is me giving orders to my brethren after I took over the Roadside Cafe. Notice the two cafe princesses have already fainted from my terror. That is because I am demonstrating the art of capturing a human prisoner and hypnotizing her so that she must live the rest of her life as my Human Slave.

Farewell my pretties. You have been warned.