Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hello Diners!

It's a perfect evening for a grand opening here at Drea's Roadside. The sky twinkles with stars. The air promises a Corvette summer. I'm a mere four episodes behind on All My Children.

It's only been a week since I attended the amazing social media class taught by gurus Susan Taylor Brown and Lynn E. Hazen. I've completely embraced this new frontier of online networking with a go-team attitude, too. I've joined Facebook. Created my blog. Updated my Goodreads and Google Reader. Thought about joining Twitter (although tweeting still scares me). Bought something on eBay.

But wait, you ask. How is shopping on eBay part of "networking" and "branding" myself with an online presence? Well, ladies and gents. You are correct. The social media class indeed did not cover the art of eBay. See, the class was sponsored by SCBWI because it was for children's authors and illustrators. But as someone who strictly writes angst-ridden YA, I have to stay hip, ya know. And I'm always a sucker for a bargain. Unless it's a dented can with an expired date on the pop top. Which is probably a good thing to avoid considering this is a diner and all. But when it comes to non-food items, sound the bugle. Let us shop until we drop.

Which is why when my friend and fellow shopaholic sent me a link to a Betsey Johnson leather purse selling on eBay with a OH MY GAWD THIS IS YOU! message, I decided to expand my networking horizons. And let me just say, this purse is freaking stinking capital A-Drea-Awesome. Check it out:

And K-Pow this Betsey Johnson label, baby!

Of course, my shopaholic friend schooled me in the art of bidding on eBay. Like waiting until the final hour of the sale to place my super secret Final Bid. A number so obscure in odd change that no other bidder could possibly win. And that, dear diners, is the strategy I utilized to conquer this purse at 7:30 PM on Friday.

Has my new purchase improved my social online presence and increased my network of peeps? Sure. I've exchanged emails with the seller which seems to me is the same as "friending" that special someone on Facebook. And, I've come up with a new eBay obsessed character for my next YA novel. In fact, I think I'll research my character right now by checking what's for sale on eBay.

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  1. Shopaholic, huh?!?? See if I help you next time with any Drea-licious eBay purchases. :-P